Wood Green, The Animals Charity, has stressed the importance of pet insurance after spending nearly £2,000 on tests on a cat with nasal problems.

Pixie is now fully fit and has been rehomed.

When six-year-old British blue cat Pixie was operated on by vets, it was revealed she had actually ingested grass.

Pixie came to Wood Green in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, at the start of October. She had a history of sneezing and, in the weeks that followed, staff became more concerned about her health.

Pixie was suffering intermittent bloody nasal discharge and was originally treated for cat ‘flu. However, when her symptoms continued, Wood Green vets investigated further, discovering a nasal lump, which they feared was a sign of cancer.

Exploratory surgery proved inconclusive, so the charity sent Pixie to the Animal Health Trust in Suffolk. She underwent a CT scan, which revealed the lump in her nose was tissue growing over an ingested blade of grass.

The grass was removed and a fully-fit Pixie has now been rehomed.

Jane Harrup, deputy manager of cat welfare at Wood Green, said: “It seems like such a simple problem – a cat eating a blade of grass – but when it was undiagnosed it turned into something much more extensive and frightening.

“Pixie’s story has been a real eye-opener for us, we were so upset because it really looked like a tumour – thank goodness for CT scans.” S

he said the case highlighted the importance of pet insurance.

“Her story is such a pertinent reminder of why we need to make sure pets are insured,” she said.

“Luckily, Wood Green was able to cover her expensive hi-tech scans and operation, but the condition was still painful and unpleasant for Pixie

. “We are absolutely thrilled she has been patched up and has finally been able to go home with her adoring new owners – and, like all Wood Green animals, she has left us with some insurance cover.”

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