Cat-only clinics are to be trialled at a veterinary practice in the north-east of England in a bid to reduce patient and client stress during routine check ups and treatment.

Lisa and Ralph
Westway Veterinary Group’s senior VN Lisa Shepherd with Ralph.

Westway Veterinary Group in Newcastle will commence the cat-only consultations on 12 December, from which date they will run for two months on every Monday and Tuesday between 3pm and 4pm.

Extended appointments

In addition, appointments have been extended to 15 minutes to allow patients to get used to being at the vets.

Westway senior VN Lisa Shepherd said: “Introducing cat-only consults will alleviate some of the stress for cats as there will be no dogs in the waiting room unless they come in as an emergency.

Stress reduction

“Having 15-minute consultations means we can allow them to come out of their box in their own time and they can smell the new environment, have a look around and realise there is nothing to be afraid of.

“Hopefully, they won’t be as stressed and will be easier for vets and nurses to examine. It will be a much better experience for both cats and clients.”

The introduction of clinics comes six months after Westway opened a £100,000 feline hospital wing and is in addition to feline-only waiting rooms.

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