The Cat Group, the collaborative group of animal charities and organisations working on cat health and welfare, has published a new booklet entitled ‘Cats and the Law – a plain English guide’.

Authors, Angus Nurse, senior lecturer in Criminology at Middlesex University School of Law, and Diane Ryland, senior lecturer at the law school at the University of Lincoln, worked with the Cat Group to produce a research paper and also the plain English guide to Cats and the Law. The guide was launched at the Cat Group Conference in Windsor on September 28.

The guide is a summary of current law relating to cats, primarily the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and its introduction of a positive obligation to promote and observe animal welfare in companion animals. The guide also summarises the law on the keeping and care of a cat, issues relating to the sale or theft of cats and damage either caused by or caused to a cat.

There is also a section answering some of the most frequent questions people ask about cats and their legal status so that most of what cats owners, breeders and rehoming institutes would want to know is contained within this guide.

Claire Bessan
t, chief executive of International Cat Care, which founded and acts as secretariat for the Cat Group said: “Questions regarding the legal status of cats and what people can and cannot do in different circumstances have arisen in Cat Group meetings for many years. There are lots of grey areas where individuals and organisations want to understand what can be done, how they can act and where they stand according to the law.

“In some cases there is no definite answer, but the guide helps to outline what law is appropriate in different circumstances and how to think logically about what can be done. It is a highly valuable addition to our knowledge.”

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