Zoetis has introduced Versican Plus, a new comprehensive vaccine range for dogs in the UK and throughout Europe.

Versican Plus is the only vaccine to combine DHPPi + L4 in a single injection, the result of several years of innovative research and development.

The leptospirosis components of the vaccine have been designed to meet the challenges of both existing and emerging types.

Versican Plus is the only tetravalent leptospirosis vaccine to deliver prevention against clinical signs and urinary excretion of established (icterohaemorragiae and canicola) and emerging (bratislava and grippotyphosa) canine leptospirosis (except grippotyphosa where prevention of clinical signs occurs, but with a reduction in urinary excretion). 

Another advantage this vaccine brings is in its viral components. Versican Plus utilises a new CPV-2b strain, the most prevalent strain in the UK, to prevent clinical signs, leucopoenia and viral excretion caused by parvovirus.

Practices using Versican Plus will have the ability to provide protection at the earliest opportunity, as it has been proven to be protective against virulent challenge in the presence of maternally derived antibodies to parvovirus, distemper and adenovirus at levels equal or higher to those likely to be encountered under field conditions.

As a result, Versican Plus can be used from six weeks of age with an important early onset of immunity being achieved for parvovirus, distemper and adenovirus at nine weeks.

Parainfluenza and leptospirosis immunity follow shortly thereafter at 12 and 13 weeks respectively.   Following primary vaccinations three to four weeks apart, Versican Plus provides three years’ duration of immunity for parvovirus, distemper and adenovirus.

Further information is available at www.zoetis.co.uk/versicanplus

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11 months 15 days ago

Where in the West Midlands can I get my puppys 2 nd vaccinations done please (versican)

Nigel Woodbine
11 months 14 days ago

Hi Donna. Being a publishing house we can not offer any specific veterinary advice. We can only suggest you contact your local veterinary surgeon.

Melissa Holt
Melissa Holt
5 months 4 days ago

Hi Donna,

Did you happen to find somewhere? i am also looking for a vets that stock this in the manchester area.