A once-monthly treatment for canine osteoarthritis is back in stock following a supply shortage.

Trocoxil treats pain and inflammation associated with degenerative joint disease in dogs.

Trocoxil chewable tablets are produced by Zoetis and used for treatment of pain and inflammation associated with degenerative joint disease in dogs aged 12 months and over.

Zoetis representatives say they have been “working hard” to ensure an improved supply on the treatment, as well as its Apoquel and Palladia brands, with animal welfare being “the key consideration” throughout.

‘Difficult decision’

Zoetis’ business unit director for companion animal, equine and innovation Ned Flaxman said: “It was a really difficult decision to stop production of Trocoxil in favour of Apoquel and Palladia, but we felt it was right to do on animal welfare grounds.

“As soon as we had full stocks of the [former] products, we resumed the manufacture of Trocoxil.

“I would like to thank our veterinary clients for their patience and reassure them we brought the product back to market as quickly as we could and do not anticipate any further stock issues.”

  • For more information on Trocoxil, contact your Zoetis account manager.
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5 months 9 days ago

Great to hear, thanks for sharing! It is important to be thoughtful about stock and the medicines that you buy as a vet so that you make sure your patients are getting the best medication for their welfare. It is great that it is back in stock, am sure many owners pets will be very happy.


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