Two guest Vet Futures bloggers are urging vets to “stick to what you do best” to work better together. 

The guest Vet Futures blog encourages practitioners to stick to what they do best.

Senior partners at Medivet Erwin Hohn and Adi Nell argue the way forward for large and small practices is to work better together by following 19th-century economist Daniel Ricardo’s stricture – stick to what you do best.

Speaking about Medivet practices, Mr Hohn and Mr Nell said: “We play to our vets’ strengths by allowing each one to do what they do best. We’ll refer to each other internally or between branches in a group. That’s just what Ricardo suggested.”

The pair suggest individual vets expand this principle to work collaboratively with external parties. Even, they said, with “those we think of as competitors, both veterinary and non-veterinary. This would serve to advance the health and well-being of our patients, not just cure or prevent disease”.

Taking on board the Vet Futures ethos of the veterinary profession shaping its future for itself, Mr Hohn and Mr Nell argue for an extension of what, to a certain degree, happens already, such as the sharing of out-of-hours work or referrals to specialist centres.

“We can apply this more widely. Breeders could refer puppies to a small vaccination clinic. That branch does the vaccination, but sends the puppies to a larger practice for x-rays when they’re lame. In turn, the larger practice sends its inoculations to the vaccination clinic or small satellite, and they refer clients who want to buy puppies back to the breeder. I could, for example, support your investment in an MRI unit and you could support my laparoscopic surgery,” they said.

“This is how many human community health programmes work all round the world, right now,” they added.

  • Messrs Hohn and Nell offer an even more in-depth look at this subject in August’s issue of VBJ.
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