Hard work by farmers, ministers and vets to eradicate Brucellosis from Northern Ireland has been commended by the BVA.

All clear: Brucellosis banished from Northern Ireland.

Following the EU declaration that Northern Ireland is officially Brucellosis free (OBF), vets won praise for the role they play in the surveillance, control and research into animal diseases. However, the BVA has urged caution against complacency.

BVA president John Blackwell said: “This is a welcome announcement and we congratulate our vet colleagues in Northern Ireland for their part in achieving OBF status. It’s taken a collaborative effort and commitment by vets, farmers and government ministers and officials, including former chief veterinary officer Bert Houston and current CVO Robert Huey, to eradicate the disease.

“We now encourage all vets and farmers to continue to be vigilant against the disease and ensure all the correct biosecurity measures are kept in place.

“We also hope that the rest of Britain looks to this proven example as a way of controlling and eradicating other infectious diseases that impact on both animals and humans.”

Simon Doherty
, president of the BVA’s Northern Ireland branch, added his congratulations.

He said: “This is a significant milestone for everyone working with livestock in Northern Ireland.

“We strongly support the CVO’s comments on the need for farmers to keep up the excellent standards of biosecurity they have achieved. Local vets will continue to work with farmers to maintain those standards.”
It is estimated that the eradication of Brucellosis from Northern Ireland will save the public £15m a year.

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