Vets interested in bee health and management can now join like-minded colleagues at events designed especially for them, thanks to the newly launched BBVA.

The BBVA held its inaugural meeting in April.

The BBVA – the first of its kind in the UK – provides a forum for discussion and continuing professional development for vets interested in the field.

The inaugural meeting took place on April 1 at Bristol Veterinary School with 27 delegates in attendance. 
John Hill was elected president, Keith Baxter as secretary and Chris Palgrave as treasurer.

Promotion of education in bee husbandry, disease, science and the production of honey and other hive products to the profession’’ will form the basis of the BBVA’s work. 

Mr Hill said: “There has been growing interest in bees and pollinators in the country with the realisation that these insects are in trouble with disease and decreasing habitat. While bee science is a major feature in vet schools in other European countries, it does not feature very prominently in UK courses. Our aim is to change that.

“Our association will be open to vets as ordinary members and to other interested people as associate members. Beekeepers and bee scientists have a wealth of knowledge, which will benefit the veterinary profession.”

Bob Moore, who played a prominent part in establishing the BBVA, was appointed the association’s first life member at the meeting. Steve Martin from Salford University then gave a presentation on the development of varroa mite infection across the globe.

BBVA meetings will be held at venues across the UK. The date of the next meeting is yet to be announced but will take place in autumn at the National Bee Unit near York.

An annual subscription for ordinary members, who must hold a registered veterinary degree, costs £40. Associate membership (non-vets) costs £30. Student membership is free. Veterinary nurses will be able to join in due course.

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