New 30-second block bond adhesive aims to help farmers keep herd performing at full potential

A 30-second block bond adhesive is being promoted in the UK to help dairy farmers keep their herd performing to its full potential.

Bovi-Bond Block Adhesivehas been used by dairy farmers in the US and Netherlands and is a fast-setting adhesive used to glue blocks on bovine claws, a task that can be tackled by a vet, hoof care contractor or farmer.

To use, clean the cow’s problem foot, then trim, rasp and balance the claw in the usual way before thoroughly drying with a heat gun or hair dryer. Then apply Bovi-Bond to a block, either wooden or polyurethane depending on ground conditions.

Place the block on the claw and hold in place for 30 seconds before allowing the cow to put weight on the foot after a further two to three minutes elevation.

The company says it does not produce fumes or smells and no mixing required. Bovi-Bond is distributed by Agrihealth Ltd, Farrell Supplies, BD Supplies and Steve Paul. For further details, visit

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