World Horse Welfare has announced a 56% rise during the past year in the number of horses it has rehomed.

Rehomed rescue horse Pumpkin relaxing with new pals.

The charity has managed to find new homes for 250 horses so far this year; a 56% rise from last year when the charity had only rehomed 160.

Deputy chief executive Tony Tyler said: “It’s extremely encouraging to see so many of our horses going to new homes and confirms we are getting through to people – that they really do see rehoming a horse as a safe and viable option.

“While we are incredibly grateful to our dedicated supporters who are helping horses by rehoming more, the sad news is the number of horses needing urgent rescue and rehabilitation far outweighs the number we are rehoming. In 2013, we experienced what we considered to be a ‘freak year’ for the number of horses coming into our centres – we took in 76% more horses than in 2012.

“This year, we are still seeing large numbers of horses coming into our centres and a continued rise in the number of group cases that are needing rescue. Recently, we had to take special measures at each of our four Rescue and Rehoming Centres developing multiple case admission facilities to ensure we can take in the increasing number of large groups of horses that need urgent care, including taking in a recent case of 63 horses into one farm.”

Find out what horses are available on World Horse Welfare’s rehoming pages.

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