A newly formulated hoof repair thermoplastic that colour matches for improved aesthetics has been produced. 

Imprint Hoof Repair.
A hoof as it was (left) and once treated with Imprint Hoof Repair (right).

Imprint’s Hoof Repair is a fully mouldable structural formula developed to repair cracked and damaged hoofs. Hand-mouldable into any shape, it creates prosthetic hoof extensions and additions that restore foot integrity.

Something different

Graphite coloured Hoof Repair products are available in addition to the traditional white coloured product.

Imprint’s inventor Andrew Poynton said: “Hoof Repair forms part of a foot care system developed over 20 years by farriers in association with veterinary surgeons.

“Hoof Repair assimilates hooves precisely to retain the foot integrity and it is particularly useful for treating acute laminitis and cracked or badly damaged hooves.”


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