Further laboratory tests following a routine veterinary investigation at two poultry premises in East Anglia have now confirmed that the avian influenza virus present is H6N1.

The H6 virus type has been isolated in domestic poultry and wild birds in Europe over the last few years.

Animal Health began the investigation on the evening of February 24 and is waiting for further laboratory tests to determine whether the virus is high or low pathogenicity, and these results are not expected for some days.

To date there is no evidence that avian influenza of the H6 type has been found to be highly pathogenic, but this possibility cannot be ruled out until the further laboratory tests are complete.

Restrictions remain in place on the premises while the investigation continues. No further precautionary restrictions are considered necessary in the area at present.

Routine veterinary investigations into notifiable diseases occur on a regular basis. It is a legal requirement to notify the Animal Health agency of the possibility of such diseases whenever these cannot be ruled out by a vet or an animal keeper as part of the diagnosis of illness in animals or birds.

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