The Veterinary Practice Management Association (VPMA) is calling for practice managers to give their views on current issues via the VPMA management forum on Vetpol.

Members can also use the organisation’s e-group, which connects more than 200 individuals in the profession and allows confidential discussions.

VPMA president Helen Sanderson stressed the importance of reaching out to colleagues. “Practice managers don’t have the same legal obligation as vets and nurses to fulfil CPD, and some find it hard to get time to leave the practice to keep up with what’s happening out there,” she said.

“The veterinary management landscape is changing all the time – health and safety regulations get updated, employment laws change and the nature of the marketplace and clients’ needs change.

“Having the collective expertise of a large group of experienced managers to dip into – whether that’s to ask for a document template, gather feedback on handling certain issues, or even just to reach out and say hello – can save on time and effort, as well as providing reassurance that you’re handling things as your contemporaries would.”

Users benefit from regular newsletters and face-to-face CPD meetings, with the opportunity to network.

Those wishing to see the full range of VPMA membership benefits can visit or phone the secretariat on 07000 782324.

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