Ark Surgical has launched a retractor system that offers”hands-free” and “self-retaining” retraction for numerous surgicalprocedures, covering small, domestic, farm, equine and zoologicalanimals.

Key areas of animal surgery where the retractor system is most commonly used include: general, abdominal, neurological, soft tissue and orthopaedic.

Retractor rings The range of reusable and disposable retractor rings, are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The adjustable hinges together with the slots around the perimeter allow for many configurations during surgery. Their low profile on the sterile surgical field dramatically increases visibility during surgery and eliminates the need for manual retractors.

The amount of tension and depth and direction of retraction through the layers of fascia can be achieved by combining the wide variety of elastic stay hooks available. The range of reusable and disposable elastic stay hooks includes sharp or blunt, small or large, single hooks or double hooks, solid blades or two or four finger blunt rakes. All elastic stay hooks are sold separately in small packs so that the ideal combination can be assembled for each surgical procedure.

Additionally, until May 31, Ark Surgical are offering up to three free retractor rings when you buy three, and up to six packs of stay hooks when you purchase six.

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