The first horseshoe nail to successfully use an antimicrobial copper coating to inhibit and restrict entrance and proliferation of bacteria in the equine hoof wall has been launched.

[Left] Black marking and cracking of the hoof around old nail holes, prior to first use of the Liberty Cu nail.

[Right] Marked difference in darkening of the hoof wall after shoeing and improvement in hoof health. (click to zoom)

The Liberty Cu horseshoe nail is manufactured by Kerckhaert and distributed throughout the UK by farrier supply company Stromsholm.

Infection risk reduced

The control of bacteria from entering the hoof walls through the nail holes reduces the risk of infections and helps maintain a strong, healthy hoof wall, the company said.

Stromsholm managing director Carl Bettison said he was delighted with the product.

“Many horses have poor quality hoof walls, as we see from the large number of hoof-specific feed supplements and topical applications we sell,” he said.

“The Liberty Cu nail is the only one of its kind and its antibacterial properties are already proving beneficial. Combined with good farriery, this is a huge step forward in improving the health of equine hooves.”

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