A long acting florfenicol 300mg/ml suspension with “significant advantages” over existing organic solvent-based florfenicol products, has been launched by Animalcare.

A novel, patented, long acting florfenicol 300mg/ml suspension, that has significant advantages over existing organic solvent-based florfenicol products on the market when used for the treatment and prevention of bovine respiratory disease (BRD), has been launched by Animalcare under the brand name of Florgane.

Florgane is an aqueous, low viscosity advanced formulation, which means that it is easier to inject even at temperatures as low as 5°C. Low temperature syringeability is important, as a large number of calves may need to be treated during colder weather at a time when the challenge from infectious agents is greatest.

Florgane bottlesAccording to the company, a syringeability study has demonstrated that Florgane is up to five times faster to administer when compared to the leading florfenicol non-aqueous formulation.
A paper on the treatment of naturally occurring respiratory disease with Florgane was presented recently at the British Cattle Veterinary Association (BCVA) Congress in Torquay. The multi-centre field studies in Belgium, Germany and Italy, in over 400 cattle with bodyweights ranging between 73-180kg, demonstrated that Florgane given by a single intramuscular injection, at a 25% lower dose of 30mg/kg, is as efficacious as non-aqueous florfenicol 40mg/kg administered by subcutaneous injection, measured by treatment success and relapses.

Post mortem examination at day 27 (meat withdrawal of 37 days) confirmed that, despite being given via the intramuscular route, Florgane is well tolerated at the site of injection due to its aqueous base and physiological pH. Maximum volume per injection site is 15ml allowing calves up to 150kg to be treated.

Animalcare claim that, not only has florfenicol excellent activity against key respiratory pathogens, but a further advantage  is that it persists in plasma above the MICs for the three most common pathogens for significantly longer than conventional extended action 300mg/ml florfenicol solution preparations –  thereby prolonging bacterial killing time. Therefore, owing to its improved bioavailability and excellent pharmacokinetics, Florgane can be given at an easy to remember dose of 1ml per 10kg.

Animalcare market manager Tony Liepman said: “Using Florgane will result in faster administration, resulting in less stress for the calves and a saving in time and money for the farmer.”

Florgane is presented in polypropylene 100ml and 250ml multi-dose vials with a three year shelf-life.

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