The International Federation for Animal Health (IFAH) Europe will be holding its 2015 conference on June 11.

Called “Healthy animals, healthy food, a healthy future”, the conference will discuss the animal health industry’s contribution to a sustainable future and brings together a wide range of European animal health and agrifood-chain stakeholders, European and national decision makers, as well as other experts.

Conference speakers include Gwyn Jones, chairman of the European Platform for the Responsible Use of Medicines in Animals.
Delegates will receive updates on the current issues concerning the EU agri-food chain, such as disease challenges facing the livestock industry, and investigate Europe’s role in food security, animal health and sustainable animal production in terms of lessons learned, future challenges and opportunities for innovation.
The conference will consist of four sessions and will close with a panel debate covering the following topics:
  • The global food security challenge – what is Europe’s role?
  • Sustainability – setting the stage
  • Sustainability and the contribution of animal health
  • The role of innovation in animal production and consumer acceptance

For more details visit the IFAH website

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