Vetnet LLN and Lantra have joined forces to support the promotion and delivery ofhigh quality learning and increase opportunities for vocationallearners to progress into veterinary and animal related highereducation.

The Vetnet Lifelong Learning Network (LLN) and Lantra Sector Skills Council today (August 13) signed an agreement – a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) – which acknowledges the partnership between the two organisations and details an action plan to ensure the development of a professional workforce in these industries.

Vetnet LLN is a national network of veterinary schools, universities and colleges committed to providing opportunities for students on vocational courses to get into higher education. Lantra, the Sector Skills Council for the environmental and land-based industries, is licensed by the UK government to drive forward the new skills, training and business development agenda for the sector.

Lantra,=”” lisa=”” jarvis=”” style=”margin: 0px 8px 5px 0px;” align=”left”/>Lantra’s industry partnership manager, Lisa Jarvis, said: “Lantra is pleased to have signed this agreement with Vetnet LLN as it demonstrates our commitment, both nationally and regionally, to support career entry and progression opportunities in veterinary and animal related industries. Through our joint working, we will produce high quality, useful information that can be used to steer our work more effectively.”

However, she added: “The MoU is a milestone, rather than an end point. The action plan willbe reviewed continuously as industry drivers such as legislation,priorities and initiatives develop over the coming years.”

The agreement also highlights the commitment to shape qualifications and develop national occupational standards so they are completely up-to-date and are relevant to employer needs, helping to improve businesses performance and productivity.

Sarah Field, national co-ordinator for Vetnet LLN, said: “It is really important for us to collaborate with Lantra in supporting training and skills development in the animal related industries and in developing real progression opportunities for vocational learners. This MoU builds on our existing work with Lantra and provides a sound basis for further activity.”

For further details of the two organisations, visit the Lantra or Vetnet LLN websites.

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