An Akita called Otis is making waves in the dog agility world after smashing a club record.

Otis, owned by Billy Walsh, a member of the High Peak Dog Training Society in Cheshire, defeated the club’s previous champion, a border collie, in his third year of competition.

It’s thought he could be the only Akita competing in UK agility competitions.

High Peak DTS representative Neil O’Connor said: “People seem to all stop and watch them – after all there are hardly any Akitas that do agility and none that do it quite like Otis.

“We have tried to find other Akitas that do agility but can only find a few that compete in Australia and America. They are nowhere near the standard of Otis.”

Kennel Club secretary Caroline Kisko, said: “Agility is for dogs of all types, sizes and experience and it’s fantastic to see Otis doing so well in the sport.

“Otis and Billy’s success highlights how any breed can compete with hard work and dedication.”

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