Clipper manufacturer Andis has launched the AGI two-speed dog groomingclipper – a new approach for tough grooming jobs, available in bothpink and purple.

AGI two-speed dog grooming clippersEngineered to maintain its power, this clipper runs so cool that fans and air vents, easily clogged with hair, are simply not needed, so it’s extremely quiet to operate. The clipper runs at 1,800 and 3,200 strokes per minute at its two speeds and is available in the UK and throughout Europe.

Fred Koeller, vice president of marketing at Andis, said: “When we talk with experienced groomers, their complaint about clippers is that they’re noisy and they blow hair everywhere. Dogs can be particularly sensitive to noise from clippers, complicating a grooming session. Our motor is quiet and is enhanced by the design of the clipper to eliminate these problems. The AGI is equipped with the new 4×4 blade drive which increases blade torque by 25 per cent.”

Maintenance Free
The AGI 2-Speed Clipper is maintenance free. The motor doesn’t require oiling or greasing of internal parts and is sealed to help it stay cool and minimize noise for quiet operation. The clipper’s housing is shatterproof and withstands harsh chemicals. The AGI 2-Speed has a one year limited warranty.

Blade Options
The clipper’s blades are detachable for easy changing and cleaning. Any Andis UltraEdge or CeramicEdge blades are compatible with this clipper, as well as most other detachable-type blades, including Oster A5 blades. Andis’ professional grooming blades stay sharper, longer, because they are manufactured using an exclusive carburized hardening process and have a chrome finish that resists rust.

Andis’ CeramicEdge Blades, patent pending, are equipped with a certified zirconium oxide ceramic cutter, which keeps the blade up to 75 per cent cooler and lasts longer than conventional steel cutters. The patented design of the CeramicEdge blades incorporates break resistance, so the blades are less likely to be damaged if they are dropped when they’re changed.

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