The RCVS has announced that it has written to 625 RVNs to inform them that they have failed to pay their fees, resulting in their removal from the college’s list.

The RCVS has written to 625 VNs after their names were removed from the college’s list of veterinary nurses for non-payment of fees – payment of which was originally due by the end of last year (2012).
625 VNs have been removed from the RCVS' list of veterinary nurses for non-payment of fees.The college says receipts and (R)VN cards have been sent to those whose fees have been paid and whose names remain on the list. However, those VNs who have not received a receipt and (R)VN card for 2013 are asked by the RCVS to check online to ensure they remain listed or to contact the RCVS if unclear about their status.
The college is also advising employers to ensure their VN employees remain on the list, as those who are not listed are not legally permitted to carry out minor surgery or medical treatment. A list of VNs removed for non-payment is available from the RCVS website to assist with these checks.
The RCVS is worried that a number of the written reminders may not reach the offending VNs as “it is likely” that some of them have not kept the college informed about changes to their addresses. Therefore, any VNs concerned about their status should contact the college.
Check the list for a VN’s status via the RCVS website.

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