The RSPCA has joined forces with Postal Audits, the UK’s largest mail auditing company and postal consultancy services, which has donated £20,000 to help tackle the problem of how to deal with ‘dangerous’ dogs.

The RSPCA has joined forces with the UK’s largest mail auditing company to help tackle the problem of how to deal with ‘dangerous’ dogs.
Beware of the Dog: Enter at your own risk.Postal Audits, a company that provides mail auditing, measurement and postal consultancy services in the UK, has donated £20,000 to help fund a role within the RSPCA’s companion animal science department, to look at how to work with dogs with aggression or other behavioural problems.
At first the research will be used to help staff and volunteers working with animals in rescue and re-homing centres, but in the long term the RSPCA hope the advice can be used by anyone coming into contact with dogs on a daily basis – such as postmen, district nurses, utility workers, home care and social workers.
Derek Fairhurst, managing director of Postal Audits, said: “The startling fact is that at least eight people have been killed in the last four years, and over 200 more have been seriously injured by dogs.
RSPCA science officer Jenna Kiddie“What we also see in our line of work is the staggering number of postal workers who are injured – around 6,000 a year. That is why we have funded this work with the RSPCA to try and tackle the problem head on.”
James Yeates, head of the RSPCA’s companion animal department, said: “This donation will help us make a real difference to tackling this problem.

“We know that dogs can show aggression because they feel threatened or have had negative experiences in the past, so we hope that this vital research will help protect both animals and humans in the future.”
Scientific officer Jenna Kiddie (pictured) has already started work at the RSPCA and has been out and about working with dogs in RSPCA centres across the country.


  • The RSPCA, which is funded almost entirely by public donations, sees this of a perfect example of where UK business can support the work of a charity and have a positive impact on issues which span both the animal welfare and business world.
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