MWI Pet is an efficient digital contact experience between your practice and pet owners while connecting seamlessly to your Merlin PMS.

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MWI Pet gives you...

MWI Pet is flexible, and is configured to your practice the way you want, putting you back in control.

From onboarding to our ongoing support through our dedicated Service Desk, MWI is with you every step of the way.

We understand that the modern veterinary practice is a busy place, that’s why we create systems that save you time, not add to your workload in a different way.

Often, all the information for the owner engagement portal is siloed within the 3rd party system. Not with MWI Pet, it’s on hand when you need it.

In an increasingly competitive market, with rising client acquisition costs, and clients willingness to shop around for services, it has never been more important to bond and retain your clients.

MWI Pet capability


Client sees your brand


Generate revenue and manage team productivity.

Your practice, your clients, your way.


30 seconds to onbaord

No data re-entry


See it in your diary and the client record