keep-calm-and-trust-your-intuitionI recently had a male cat presented that was “just a bit quiet” – it wasn’t moving much and, uncharacteristically, had not eaten breakfast that morning.

The owner had barely removed our feline friend from the carrier when I thought: “This guy’s got a blocked bladder.”

Abdominal palpation confirmed my intuitive diagnosis.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently – what does it mean? Am I just getting old and have a subconscious feel for what’s coming in through the door?

Then I heard a programme on Radio 4 (that confirms my age!) that said “gut feelings” were actually learned behaviour, and were your subconscious popping ideas into your conscious brain.

So my tip would be to go with those hunches – you might just be right!

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1 year 11 months ago

Malcolm Gladwell writes about this – perfectly true that we have trained our brains to process thoughts so quickly what is a learned process feels like intuition.


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