Idiopathic head tremors are common in young to middle aged dogs especially bulldogs, boxers and Labradors.

Relatively common in young to middle aged dogs, idiopathic head tremors can cause concern for owners, but episodes are not painful or upsetting for the dog.

There is often a familial component and the tremors can be triggered by:

  • a recent painful event
  • a temporary dip in blood glucose
  • lowering of blood calcium
  • allergens
  • trauma
  • nothing discernible at all

It is easy to confuse the condition with focal seizures.

Anti-epileptic medication is not beneficial in true cases of idiopathic tremors. There is anecdotal evidence that feeding a sugar-rich meal can immediately alleviate the tremors, even in those cases where blood glucose levels have been normal.

Idiopathic head tremors in Bailey the boxer. Video: LaurenDu / YouTube

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