corgi-beach-legsPURINA PETCARE, maker of Purina Veterinary Diets, has announced the details of its exciting new Purina Partners Programme.

Dedicated to the veterinary industry, the programme is aimed at helping practices make the most of their business – ultimately through maintaining strong client relationships and providing the best all-round care for pets.

The Purina Partners Programme combines a practice’s clinical excellence with Purina’s passion for pets, giving veterinary surgeons the chance to be the best in their local area. There is no risk or financial commitment required as the programme is wholly funded by Purina. The only prerequisite is to recommend Purina diets as first choice.

Purina seeks to use the programme to help build a long-term relationship with veterinary practices, which should help them to have:

  • healthy, happy pets and loyal, delighted clients;
  • increased revenues and incremental sales;
  • increased awareness among pet owners of the clinic, leading to recommendations; and
  • shared expertise and motivated staff.

For members of the partners programme, Purina provides a comprehensive set of initiatives tailored to each individual clinic and these are based on four key platforms: Clinic+, Client+, Knowledge+ and Food+.

boy-dogChris Nickson, senior brand manager of Purina Vet Channel, said: “As a partner, practices will work with a dedicated Purina representative who will develop and implement a tailored business plan that is perfectly suited to the clinic and its clients. The programme is designed to be completely flexible, allowing vets to select and tailor elements to suit themselves.”

Each of the initiatives – Clinic+, Client+, Knowledge+ and Food+ – has specific business development aims.


Understanding how a practice looks and feels through the eyes of clients and their pets will lead to the optimum solution for layout, design and merchandising that complements the existing clinic brand. Implementing the guidelines offered by Purina through Clinic+ could help practice owners benefit from:

  • improved client experience beyond consultation;
  • enhanced aesthetics of the clinic;
  • increased clinic awareness through more consistent branding; and
  • greater levels of client bonding.

Mr Nickson comments: “First impressions really do count, so it’s important to get the look and feel of the practice right. The Clinic+ section of the partners programme covers design, merchandising and how to maximise a practice’s existing brand.”


Creating mutually beneficial relationships between the practice and pet owner helps turn owners into loyal clients. Following the Client+ advice may lead to increased client visits with regular purchasing of pet food, treatment and accessories from the practice. It may also help boost client numbers through word-of-mouth recommendations from happy pet owners. Finally, loyalty is proven to improve through strengthened relationships with clients.

Mr Nickson adds: “Word-of-mouth recommendations are really the gold standard in terms of boosting client numbers. These won’t be forthcoming unless a practice provides the very best care for pets. Purina Partners’ experts will assess a practice to see where it might be falling down in this area and help optimise the pet owner experience.”


cat-kiss-pppInvesting time and money in continuing professional development (CPD) for staff is fundamental in maintaining best practice. Through Knowledge+ a business could benefit from:

  • ongoing technical support from a dedicated Purina representative;
  • access to the extensive nutritional research by Purina; and
  • improved team motivation (staff working together with a common aim).

Mr Nickson continues: “As well as keeping up to date with staff CPD, it’s important to keep abreast of local and global trends in the veterinary profession. Of course, this can be costly for a practice. Purina has the ability to provide practices with the latest insights from the veterinary world free of charge, so they can utilise these in their clinic.”


Maximising food sales at a practice is a proven way to increase turnover and profitability. Ways to boost sales range from providing product samples and brochures, to kitten and puppy packs, and displaying point-of-sale materials. A Purina representative will guide practice owners through the best solutions for an individual clinic.

Taking on board the Food+ advice could mean a practice can experience:

  • increased sales of diets – both maintenance and veterinary – boosting clinic profits;
  • improved patient well-being through high quality nutrition;
  • access to special promotions and offers from Purina; and
  • partnership with a leading nutritional expert.

Mr Nickson adds: “Purina Veterinary Diets are backed by decades of scientific research, providing vets with the confidence to recommend a specific formula to clients. Through the Purina Partners Programme we will pass on our comprehensive consumer understanding and sales and marketing expertise to help a practice boost client numbers, gain happy pet owners and, as a result, increase word-of-mouth recommendations.”

kitten-finger-pppThings to consider

How many of your clients are recommending you to other pet owners?
The partners programme will help optimise the pet owner experience at your clinic, boosting client recommendations.

How many of your clients also use other clinics?
Bespoke initiatives from Purina, tailored to the specific needs and objectives of your business, will build loyalty and drive footfall.

Are you ready for the challenges of the future?
The Purina Partners Programme delivers significant benefits that will help drive growth, attract new clients and boost turnover for your business.

Purina and Purina Veterinary Diets are registered trademarks of Société des Produits Nestlé S A
Purina and Purina Veterinary Diets are registered trademarks of Société des Produits Nestlé S A

Mr Nickson concludes: “With absolutely no financial outlay, and the opportunity to help increase client numbers and profitability, the Purina Partners Programme provides practice managers with a win-win solution.”

To sign up for the Purina Partners Programme, call the Purina Petcare team on 0800 212 161.

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