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Don’t feel marginalised, get qualified…

According to the RCVS there is no such thing as an unqualified veterinary nurse, and thanks to the Royal Charter we now have defined roles of RVN, SVN and care assistants.

This is a massive advance, but the situation has left a number of unqualified, yet experienced people feeling marginalised. In recognition of this, however, the question I have posed on several social media sites is: what is stopping you from getting qualified?

So far nobody has cited anything other than they “don’t want to”…

I can understand money constraints, the inability to find a training practice and other such hurdles (I regularly speak with people who hit these barriers when trying to get into nursing), but if these aren’t an issue, please get qualified.

Being qualified gives you control over your career and means:

  • you’re not stuck working in practices that will turn a blind eye to RCVS guidance and legislation (although such practices are now few and far between, thankfully)
  • you will become a recognised professional, able to improve your salary and job expectations
  • your education will see you better equipped to contribute to patient care
  • you will have plenty of opportunities to continue improving your skills
  • you’ll be able to look at roles in education and other sectors that need RVNs (e.g. pharmaceutical companies)

If you already have experience, the Nursing Progress Log (NPL) will reflect your skills. That said, the academic side is just as important – it will require a lot of dedication and hard work, but it’s worth it.

I’ve written before about the errors unqualified people can make when given too much responsibility. Hopefully that won’t happen now.

..and to finish, I’ll go back to my mantra: it’s all about getting the best for the client and the patient.

We need more RVNs, please be part of the positive move forward.

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