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In the third of his posts marking Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month, Gerardo Poli notes how composure, empathy and good communication skills go hand in hand when dealing with angry pet owners.

10 mins

One of the simplest ways to be more environmentally friendly is to eat less meat… but welfare isn’t as cut and dried as people might think, says vet student Eleanor Goad.

11 mins

Taking a slightly different tack during VN Awareness Month, Tip of the Week author Gerardo Poli presents advice bestowed upon him by the fabulous nurses he works with at Animal Emergency Service in Queensland, Australia.

7 mins

In the spirit of Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month, Tip of the Week author Gerardo Poli offers a heartfelt thanks to the vet nurses of this world, without whom the vets of this world would be unable to do their jobs.

5 mins

Vet nurse and veterinary historian Jane Davidson delves into the possible reasons why vets didn't originally get to use the honific title of ‘doctor’, and wonders if they really would have wanted to...

8 mins

In the final part of his series, Gerardo Poli discusses content plans, being prepared to respond to questions and comments, and the importance of seeking consent from clients before posting.

8 mins

In the third of a four-part series on social media, Gerardo Poli looks at the plethora of platforms available and offers some advice on choosing the best one to fit your requirements.

12 mins

Getting less than a full eight hours sleep can have a dramatic effect on your concentration and performance, writes Eleanor Goad – an important consideration for those whose jobs involve scalpels.

10 mins

In the second of a four-part series on social media, Gerardo Poli discusses the importance of getting the right message out to the right audience.

9 mins

Gerardo Poli begins a four-part series looking at the main aspects to consider with social media for veterinary practices – starting with goals and objectives.

9 mins

While on a first date Jane Davidson discovers that, despite being away from clinical work for some time, her honesty about "bodily functions and parts" has not dwindled, and considers that she may need to work on her veterinary filters.

7 mins

Despite research associating gastric lavage with worse patient outcomes, Gerardo Poli says some uncommon cases may benefit from the technique.

6 mins