Veterinary acupunture
Image © Chiang

I have found acupuncture really helps some of my chronically painful canine patients, usually due to arthritis, but also in some cases of back pain too.

I have to say I usually use this as an adjunctive, rather than sole therapy, but often with good effect.

Evidence certainly exists in human medicine to suggest this helps (Witt et al, 2005). However, for some reason I have a mental blank and sometimes forget this as a possible therapy where dogs are not fully, or completely, responding to more traditional medications – and I would suggest this is well worth a go.

We are lucky enough to have a veterinary surgeon in our area who practices acupuncture and we are very grateful for his efforts.

Witt C, Brinkhaus B, Jena S et al (2005). Acupuncture in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee: a randomised trial, Lancet 366:136–143.

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