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Surgical Nursing

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Price: £75 - £375 + VAT

This course is available online. Please see below for more details on how to attend this course via the Internet.

A series of 4 videos with Claire Roberts on Surgical Nursing.

Surgical nursing forms a large and interesting part of life in general practice for most nurses, this course is aimed at nurses in first opinion practice who are looking to raise the standard of surgical care they provide. During this course we discuss many aspects of surgical nursing, from how wound classification impacts running order for the day, setting up for surgery, patient prep and care, to the role of scrub assistants and circulating theatre nurses.

Topics to be covered include:
-Setting up for surgery and maintaining the operating room
-Clipping and prepping the patient, taking a closer look at specific procedures
-IV access and intraoperative fluid therapy
-Reducing the risks of surgical site and hospital acquired infections
-The role of the scrub assistants and circulating theatre nurse

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