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Shelter medicine issues in rehomed pets – a guide for general practice

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It has been estimated that a third of pets in the UK are rehomed from animal rescue shelters and that up to 90% of primary care practitioners see these pets in their practice. The majority of these dogs and cats will, of course, be fit and healthy, but some may have medical or behavioural problems. Such problems can result in the pet being returned to the shelter which is a sad and stressful for the pet, the new owner and the shelter. During this one day course we will discuss the most common medical and behavioural issues in rehomed pets and how you can help keep these pets in their new homes. The main focus of the lectures will be UK-sourced pets, but we will also address medical issues in dogs rehomed from abroad.

The course will also enhance your understanding of common problems encountered in housing groups of animals together in rescue shelters.

Key areas

  • Diagnostic and management decisions for re-homed pets with respiratory disease or diarrhoea
  • Common issues in pets rehomed from shelters in other European countries
  • Infectious disease management in shelter or rescue centres
  • Behavioural advice for owners rehoming shelter/rescue pets
  • Introducing rehomed pets to children
  • Common behavioural presentations
  • Separation anxiety
  • Fear aggression

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