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Practical Feline Medicine: Focus on Elderly Cats

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Aztec West, Almondbury


BS32 4TS

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With elderly cats forming an increasing proportion of our caseload, it’s more important than ever to provide ‘gold standard’ care. This two day course is aimed at all vets and VNs keen to improve their standards of elderly cat care.

All presentations will be around 30 minutes in duration with the aim of providing as much information as possible in bite-size chunks. An informal atmosphere for discussion and interaction with the speakers will be encouraged. Delegates are welcome to bring along any case material they would like to discuss.

One or two day attendance is possible for this course. The full course timetable is below. The course will cover a multitude of topics and answer these questions, and many more:

  • How does feline behaviour change as cats age?
  • When is a cat ‘old’? What illnesses are most common? What geriatric health screening is appropriate?
  • How can I diagnose cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS)? Is it treatable? What’s the best advice for owners?
  • Help! This cat’s losing weight but there are no other clues, what should I do? How can I support it whilst I work out what’s going on?
  • How can I manage arthritis in an elderly cat with renal failure?
  • Management of inappropriate urination, night vocalization and other common behavioural problems of the older cat – what’s the secret?
  • What is Conn’s disease and should I be seeing this in my practice?
  • Is there anything new for management of elderly cats suffering from constipation?
  • What’s new when it comes to diagnosing hyperthyroidism? Are we missing cases at the moment?
  • What’s the best diet for a diabetic cat that has renal failure? How do I approach management of problem diabetics?
  • What behavioural advice should all owners of elderly cats be aware of?
  • What’s new in the treatment of hyperthyroidism?
  • How can I make end of life decision making more straightforward for my clients?
  • Pancreatitis and the elderly cat – what tips are there for successful diagnosis and management?
  • Optimal management of renal failure – what are the priorities?

Course timetable

Day 1 – 21 September 2016

9.00-9.30    Registration   
9.30-10.00 Behavioural consequences of ageing (VH)
10.00-10.30 Health screening in older cats (SC)
10.30-11.00 Cognitive dysfunction syndrome (DGM)
11.00-11.30    Coffee       
11.30-12.00 Toileting accidents in the elderly (VH)
12.00-12.30 Unexplained weight loss (SC)
12.30-1.00 Gastrointestinal disease and the elderly (DGM)
1.00-2.00    Lunch       
2.00-2.30 Tips and tricks for management of anorexia (SC)
2.30-3.00 The arthritic cat (DGM)
3.00-3.30 CDS, night vocalisation etc (VH)
3.30-4.00    Coffee
4.00-4.30 Chronic pancreatitis and elderly cats (DGM)
4.30-5.00 Constipation in the elderly cat (SC)


Day 2 – 22 September 2016

9.00-9.30     Registration   
9.30-10.00 Hyperthyroidism – diagnostic advances (SC)
10.00-10.30 The elderly diabetic (DGM)
10.30-11.00 Tips and tricks for owners of elderly cats (VH)
11.00-11.30    Coffee       
11.30-12.00 Hyperthyroidism – treatment update (SC)
12.00-12.30 Problem diabetics (DGM)
12.30-13.00 Emerging endocrinopathies (SC)
1.00-2.00    Lunch       
2.00-2.30 Successful early diagnosis of CKD (SC)
2.30-3.00 End of life decision-making (VH)
3.00-3.30 Systemic hypertension (SC)
3.30-4.00    Coffee       
4.00-4.30 Feline bereavement (VH)
4.30-5.00 Optimal long-term care of renal patients (SC)

Course fee:

Early Bird Discount (ends 3 weeks before course starts):

2 days attendance £636 
1 day attendance £348 

Standard Registration:

2 days attendance £702
1 day attendance £384 

Please note that fees are inclusive of VAT.

Delegate Discounts:

(not available online. To claim, download & post our booking form or telephone our office on 0131 440 9029)

2 delegates attending 1 day £440 + VAT (£528)
2 delegates attending 2 days £880 + VAT (£1056)
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