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Neurology – Back to Basics

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Lecturer: Clare Rusbridge

Do the terms “upper motor neuron”, “vestibular disease” and “localize the lesion” throw you into a panic? If you lack confidence when it comes to the neurological patient then this course is for you. The day will start with an overview of the neurological examination, how to do it and more importantly how to interpret your findings. Cranial nerve disorders and vestibular disease are covered in depth before tackling how to tell the difference between brain, spinal and neuromuscular disease. The day concludes with an overview on management of the epileptic patient. Video examples and case studies are used to ensure you get to grips with the basics of neurology to give you the confidence to diagnose and manage cases in practice.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Neurological exam
  • How to localise the lesion
  • Vestibular disease?
  • Management of epilepsy


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