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Integrating echocardiography and clinical practice

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“I’ve done the echo, now what?” Developing proficiency in practical echocardiography is a challenge in itself, but obtaining good images is only the start.  This course will focus on how to integrate the results of your echocardiography with your clinical practice.  It is designed to be suitable for participants with some echocardiography experience.

The potential contribution of echocardiography will be critically evaluated in the major cardiac conditions in dogs and cats, with discussion on how echocardiography compares with other diagnostic tests, and how management can be tailored to the individual patient according to echocardiographic findings.

Key areas

  • The older dog with a murmur
  • The large breed dog with a murmur or arrhythmia
  • The asymptomatic cat with a murmur
  • The cat presenting with respiratory distress
  • The weak, hypotensive dog or cat

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