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Feline Respiratory Disease

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Price: £75 - £375 + VAT

This course is available online. Please see below for more details on how to attend this course via the Internet.

A series of 5 videos with Martha Cannon on Feline Respiratory Disease.

Respiratory disease in cats is frequently seen in practice and can present in a wide variety of states, from the innocuous to the emergency. This course will cover the various presentations, including the dyspnoeic cat, the coughing cat and the snotty cat. The course will concentrate on the practical aspects of the investigation and management of these often delicate patients, and cover most of the common causes of respiratory disease.

Topics to be covered include:
-How to successfully perform thoracocentesis, BAL and FNA of thoracic lesions
-Pleural effusion
-Pulmonary odema and neoplasia
-Upper respiratory tract infections
-Nasal discharge- chronic rhinitis, foreign bodies, naso-pharyngeal polyps and neoplasia
-Largnygeal disease




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