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Endocrinology – What every nurse should know

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This course will include discussion on the nurse’s role in the management of canine and feline diabetes mellitus, feline hyperthyroidism and canine hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing’s Disease). We will also discuss client education to improve home care for our patients.

Specific areas to be covered.
• Day-to-day management of diabetic pets (which insulin to use, owner education, how often should insulin be given, home and in-practice glucose monitoring and diabetic remission in cats) • The emergency management of the DKA patient – fluid and electrolyte therapy, insulin protocols and when to discharge the patient from the practice
• Diagnosis of feline hyperthyroidism – the different treatment options available and how successful they are, and should we care about causing hypothyroidism? • Diagnosis of canine hyperadrenocorticism – which test to use for diagnosis and when, monitoring when there’s limited Synacthin availability and management of iatrogenic addisonian crisis

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