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Dentistry for Nurses

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This course is available online. Please see below for more details on how to attend this course via the Internet.

A five part series on Dentistry for Nurses with Rachel Perry, covering anatomy and common dental problems.

This dentistry course looks at the nurses’ role in small animal dentistry and how to bring this important subject to the forefront in practice. The lectures will cover common dental diseases seen, how to examine the mouth properly and how to recognize disease. The lecture will give valuable tips about what to look for, when, and practical advice when running nurse clinics.

Periodontal disease – The most common disease affecting both us and our pets. Up to 80% of older pets have gum disease needing professional dental treatment. The cause, pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and most importantly after care will be covered to ensure that everyone will be confidently able to discuss the benefits of periodontal treatment for pets and the ongoing home care.

Anaesthetic considerations for dental patients – a discussion on what problems are often encountered during dental procedures and how to prevent them. Analgesia and post operative care for oral surgery cases will also be discussed

Topics to be covered include:

-Periodontal disease- the cause, pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and aftercare
-The nurse’s role in dentistry procedures –what a nurse is legally allowed to do and how to do it
-Intra-oral radiography
-Anaesthetic considerations for dental patients
-Establishing effective dental clinics – How to run and manage dental clinics

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