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Current Concepts in Gastroenterology


  • Subject,
  • SpeakerDr. Rebecca Littler MA VetMB PhD DSAM MRCVS
  • Date26/07/2016 - All Day
  • LocationNeston
  • Price£315.00

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About this course

Gastrointestinal disease is a common presenting complaint in companion animal medicine, and can present a major challenge to the clinician. Often textbook information regarding diagnosis and treatment is generic, and is difficult to tailor to the specific case.

Using a combination of the best available evidence and clinical experience, gained from 20 years’ work in the field, Dr. Alex German will cover many of the current diagnostic and therapeutic challenges in companion animal gastroenterology. The course will be suitable for veterinarians wishing to refresh their knowledge in the field and also those with a specific interest in internal medicine.

Topics covered:

  • Managing acute gastroenteritis;
  • Differentiating vomiting from regurgitation;
  • When should you reach for the endoscope?;
  • Diagnosing and managing protein-losing enteropathy; and,
  • Dietary management of GI disease.


  • Date26/07/2016 - All Day
  • LocationNeston
  • Price£315.00

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