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Beef and Bull

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University of Edinburgh, Easter Bush Campus



EH25 9RG

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Course Outline
The beef course delivered over 2 days aims to address both principles of beef production and bull fertility and management. The course is ideal for those studying for CertAVP(cattle) as well as for those wanting a practical course in beef production and bull fertility and management.
The Bull

  • Genetic selection: a knowledge of the genetic assessment of dairy and beef bulls
  • Bull selection to minimise dystocia
  • Reproduction: puberty and time of onset
  • Normal structure and function of the genitalia
  • Causes and investigation of infertility in bulls
  • Breeding soundness examination, including collection and assessment of semen
  • Surgical preparation of teaser bulls
  • Practical laboratory-based microscope session on semen evaluation techniques


  • The beef calf – Birth to finishing
  • Problems at birth, passive immunity and colostrum
  • Common calf diseases: especially alimentary and respiratory diseases; their epidemiology, recognition and treatment, including rational drug use, prevention and control
  • Herd economic assessment of disease and disease prevention; Beef herd health preventative medicine schemes
  • Suckled calf production; targets for beef suckler herd fertility, recording and analysing herd fertility. Nutrition and condition scoring beef cows and relationship with fertility. Common diseases of beef cows.

Key Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course delegates should be able to:

  • Use knowledge of the causes of infertility in cows and bulls to evaluate reproductive performance of the herd and the individual and diagnose the cause of poor fertility in herds
  • Plan the reproductive management of beef herds
  • Understand the role of the veterinary surgeon in heifer and beef rearing programmes
  • Create a herd health plan specific to the needs of a given herd
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