July 2016

Get the latest independent information canine rickettsial diseases, tick-borne diseases that multiply within circulating cells.

33 mins

The threat from ticks and tick-borne diseases is changing. Get the latest independent information here.

51 mins

June 2016

Lyme disease is relatively new but growing threat for both pets and people in the UK. Get independent up-to-date information here to help you tackle this.

41 mins

May 2016

Claudia Hartley on Free the Bears’ work to save cubs from private owners in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and difficulties performing eye surgery on them.

15 mins

Our knowledge of ticks and tick borne diseases is growing, but so are the risks. Get informed and find out how you can fight against ticks now.

20 mins

April 2016

My blogging career has been kind to me. As well as being invited to express my opinions, for what they are worth, on this website twice a month, I receive intermittent offers to write blogs for companies or to cover pet-based events.

13 mins

Rakesh Chand reports on how the blocking of vital resources from India to Nepal caused a negative effect on the country’s veterinary centres, farmers and pet owners.

17 mins

Jenny Jaffe, Liam Fitzpatrick, Ian Carter and Tony Sainsbury discuss the work of the Disease Risk Analysis and Health Surveillance for Interventions programme in safeguarding the health of endangered species.

14 mins

March 2016

Claudia Hartley reports on efforts to rescue bears in China, Vietnam and Cambodia, and the AHT’s role in helping to diagnose and treat their eye conditions.

29 mins

February 2016

Merial and the Animal Health Trust will launch Equine Flu Awareness Month in April 2016.

7 mins

Hyperadrenocorticism (HAC) is a challenging, but rewarding disease to diagnose and treat. It is a … more

8 mins

January 2016

Ocular conditions account for about 10% of canine consultations in first opinion practice (1). With … more

2 mins

The incidence of milk leakage is an indirect indicator of the three axes at dry-off: … more

9 mins

December 2015

The bovine mammary gland undergoes dramatic changes during the production cycle of the cow, writes Lorraine … more

8 mins

November 2015

Find out more about the different dry off methods and their impact on udder health, … more

15 mins

Can you guarantee your clients will give antibiotics responsibly? Poor compliance is likely to compromise … more

A key step towards responsible antibiotic use is selecting the appropriate antibiotic. Responsible use will … more

October 2015

As a vet or vet nurse, using your skill set in the developing world is … more

23 mins

September 2015

Despite the new regulations requiring all dogs are microchipped, an owner’s failure to do so … more

11 mins

Control of the large populations of free-roaming dogs found throughout the developing world has been … more

21 mins