February 2008

NIGEL DOUGHERTY reveals that if you can deal with small animals, alpacas should not present … more

30 mins

MAGGIE SHILCOCK advises practice staff to take a fresh, objective look at the online impact … more

13 mins

MANY of you approaching some sort of nodding acquaintance with retirement will have spent the … more

13 mins

ROBIN FEARON discovers the unpredictability of wild animal capture, alongside UK students in South Africa … more

22 mins

ROGER WILKINSON discusses the possible causes, diagnosis and treatment of this ever-increasing condition in dogs … more

16 mins

Veterinary surgeon, barrister and Vetlaw director Madeleine Forsyth reveals the trials and tribulations of being an expert witness in the courtroom cauldron.

17 mins

ANNIE COOK reveals how Ukraine’s veterinary professionals enjoyed a visit from their UK-based colleagues ARE … more

15 mins

THE third edition of this book provides an update upon the second edition and has … more

8 mins

OLI VINER describes the unusual encounters that accompanied his first-ever night on call, when he … more

22 mins

CATHERINE F LE BARS discusses recommended guidelines for the control of MRSA infection within the … more

26 mins

MARTIN ATKINSON considers the future and experiences the dangers of underestimating the opposition I’VE been … more

24 mins

DIANA DELMAR reveals the beliefs of Bernard Rollin, who says that not only do animals … more

14 mins

STEVE DEAN responds to opinions voiced by members of the profession about the VMD, veterinary … more

32 mins

A vet is on the telephone to the owner of a parrot that has been hospitalised … more

11 mins

JENNY MOFFETT offers 10 reasons to consider attending the WSAVA/FECAVA combined congress in Dublin DOES … more

7 mins

GREG GLENDELL examines the most common behavioural difficulties seen in companion parrots THE sight of … more

25 mins

MEREDITH SMITH, MÀRIAN MATAS RIERA describe the use of radiation modalities to treat a range … more

22 mins

ROBIN FEARON reports on the business that is turning veterinary students into managers of dangerous … more

24 mins

DI BENDALL explains how leptospirosis may be a major risk to herds and the humans … more

17 mins

GRAHAM DUNCANSON continues this week’s focus on leptospirosis with an overview of developments in its … more

13 mins