February 2008

ALEX THOMPSON and JOHN H C HUTT explain that investing in dental x-ray equipment can … more

19 mins

KAREN COUMBE reports on a well-attended CPD course, where delegates discovered that challenges remain in … more

12 mins

January 2008

GRAHAM DUNCANSON examines the limited options available to the equine veterinarian treating DJD in the … more

17 mins

FRANCES HENSON discusses the course of action when treating equine degenerative joint disease in the … more

25 mins

Robin Fearon finds that while vaccine progress is going well, the long-term outlook could spell trouble ahead.

42 mins

OLI VINER gets to grips with the daily grind of life as a veterinary surgeon – with … more

19 mins

I WAS delighted to be given an opportunity to review this book – blood pressure problems in … more

6 mins

ROGER EVANS reveals how dreams of striking vets and concerns about TB have been disturbing … more

16 mins

SARAH ROBERTS reports on a European briefing where vets were urged to treat obesity as … more

25 mins

CHRISTMAS brings its own Santa’s sack of mixed emotions ranging, depending on how cynical a … more

15 mins

HANY M ELSHEIKHA examines how common parasites come to life, as well as treatment and … more

23 mins

I AM hoping for an early opportunity to go to St Pancras station to indulge … more

13 mins

GRAHAM DUNCANSON underlines the need for action to get farmers warming to the idea of … more

13 mins

MARIE CARTER examines the significance of a group of practising vets, gaining a qualification described … more

8 mins

VETERINARY practices are being urged to take part in Healthy Heart Month 2008, in order … more

4 mins

To further enhance Veterinary Times’ leading coverage of the latest news and issues affecting the … more

18 mins

MAGGIE SHILCOCK takes the mystery out of management with a discussion on how to be … more

15 mins

FRANCESCA RICCOMINI describes the emerging trend of people buying behaviour counselling sessions as gifts for … more

21 mins

LESA LONGLEY finds everything from kangaroos to whooping cranes up for discussion at the American … more

24 mins

RUSSELL LYON finds that a walk on the wild side in Hong Kong can lead … more

16 mins