February 2008

CATHERINE F LE BARS discusses recommended guidelines for the control of MRSA infection within the … more

26 mins

DIANA DELMAR reveals the beliefs of Bernard Rollin, who says that not only do animals … more

14 mins

STEVE DEAN responds to opinions voiced by members of the profession about the VMD, veterinary … more

32 mins

ROGER EVANS discusses the financial and emotional impact of losing herd stock to the spread … more

15 mins

NIAMH COLLINS provides guidance on identifying and treating this disease, the cause of which remains … more

24 mins

NIGEL DOUGHERTY reveals that if you can deal with small animals, alpacas should not present … more

30 mins

MAGGIE SHILCOCK advises practice staff to take a fresh, objective look at the online impact … more

13 mins

MANY of you approaching some sort of nodding acquaintance with retirement will have spent the … more

13 mins

FRANCESCA RICCOMINI examines a case study of conflict and bullying between two feline sisters following … more

27 mins

A vet is on the telephone to the owner of a parrot that has been hospitalised … more

11 mins

JENNY MOFFETT offers 10 reasons to consider attending the WSAVA/FECAVA combined congress in Dublin DOES … more

7 mins

GREG GLENDELL examines the most common behavioural difficulties seen in companion parrots THE sight of … more

25 mins

MEREDITH SMITH, MÀRIAN MATAS RIERA describe the use of radiation modalities to treat a range … more

22 mins

ROBIN FEARON reports on the business that is turning veterinary students into managers of dangerous … more

24 mins

DI BENDALL explains how leptospirosis may be a major risk to herds and the humans … more

17 mins

GRAHAM DUNCANSON continues this week’s focus on leptospirosis with an overview of developments in its … more

13 mins

NICK BLAYNEY gives some feedback on the association’s survey and looks forward to new services … more

7 mins

WHEN I was a child, I would be sent to look for something and would, … more

19 mins

NICKI GRINT describes her trip to Debre Zeit observing the valuable equine welfare work being … more

15 mins

SAFIA BARAKZAI reports on her trip to the ACVS symposium in Chicago, supported by a … more

26 mins