June 2008

KAREN REED finds that pastoral communities in Mali are determined to help animals – and themselves THE … more

12 mins

DAVID H SHEARER explains various procedures that can help to treat this common but persistent … more

31 mins

MARTIN ATKINSON recalls an action-packed day, when, despite his build, he flexed his large-animal muscles … more

22 mins

RICHARD GRUBB describes an unusual surgical case, in which the partial excision of a chinchilla’s … more

24 mins

ALISON LOGAN shares her experiences of dealing with clients whose pets sare nearing the ends … more

25 mins

DIANA DELMAR discusses the approaches taken to compulsive canine behaviour by one specialist in the … more

22 mins

ROGER EVANS finds that the start of his new breeding year brings some serious concerns … more

14 mins

GRAHAM DUNCANSON offers an overview of the diverse causes of recumbency, as well as a … more

16 mins

MÀRIAN MATAS, ROB FURNEAUX discus the role of the spleen in routine cases and provide … more

42 mins

WHEN I received this book, I thought it might contain recipes that use nutritious dog … more

5 mins

BRIGITTE REUSCH explains how not to be caught on the hop by nervous and orthopaedic … more

18 mins

THIS is an excellent book that is thoroughly recommended to anyone interested in the subject … more

5 mins

A BRACE of practical titles for the expert witness has been produced by the UK … more

6 mins

THE fifth edition follows a similar format to the fourth incarnation, but boasts a few … more

7 mins

LAURENT S GAROSI provides a detailed guide on the anatomy of the optic nerve and … more

26 mins

GETTING a novel published is, at the very least, a timeconsuming operation. Firstly, you have … more

4 mins

MAGGIE SHILCOCK discusses the importance of a practice vision and how you should go about … more

13 mins

I was delighted when a spay that I was due to do last week was cancelled. … more

13 mins

IF someone in your household was in agony at night, and you were callous enough … more

13 mins

PETER CLEGG previews the orthopaedics presentations and panel sessions that will form a large component … more

9 mins