October 2008

A couple of months ago, I went along to an induction meeting of the latest cohort … more

12 mins

CATHERINE LE BARS is reluctantly drawn into a mercy mission to free four recalcitrant pigeons, … more

14 mins

ROBIN FEARON looks at the influence of RUMA guidelines on farming as the alliance celebrates … more

25 mins

Fabienne Dethioux explains how the classification and management of urinary diseases is in stark contrast to how such problems were dealt with in the past

18 mins

ALEX GOUGH covers endoscopy, chronic kidney disease and dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs in his column … more

13 mins

OLI VINER complains that shopping is a task fraught with the risk of meeting clients … more

14 mins

MARTIN ATKINSON discusses the toxicity of chocolate to dogs and the history, diagnosis and treatment … more

20 mins

MAGGIE SHILCOCK follows Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton to discover what it takes to be a … more

18 mins

LARA A MATIASEK discusses approaches to diagnosing this serious neurological disorder, as well as advocating … more

30 mins

CATHERINE DUNNETT, MARK DUNNETT explain how advances in technology have made testing for prohibitive substances … more

33 mins

The dynamic in the upper echelons of veterinary political life is palpable. The BSAVA has … more

15 mins

CAROLINE REAY explains how taking on overseas volunteers can provide benefits for both employer and … more

20 mins

SOPHIA CHINN discusses, in the first of a two-part article, how difficult-to-decipher problems, such as … more

38 mins

JOHN E COOPER, MARGARET E COOPER explain how Kenya’s livestock have been given a boost … more

22 mins

THERE are certain topics that observers of human behaviour are meant to avoid. There is … more

12 mins

DAVID BARTRAM reports on his presentation to a congress discussing suicide and suicidal behaviour, during … more

7 mins

MELANIE ATKINSON tries not to breathe through her nose as she battles incontinent dogs, constipated … more

25 mins

WOULDN’T it be nice if the NHS could afford all the health care people needed … more

18 mins

ROBIN FEARON charts the success of Moredun Scientific following its 20th anniversary and looks at … more

23 mins

LETTERS from vets confirming details of puppy litters are among the evidence The Kennel Club … more

3 mins