September 2008

There is no question that ours is an ever-changing profession, hopefully maturing and gaining in … more

14 mins

LORNA JORDAN-OWERS reports on SPVS’ annual pilgrimage to the snow, where high-quality CPD blended with … more

22 mins

ROBERT COOK discusses communication of ideas, and how these principles apply to his views on … more

45 mins

JOHN E COOPER, MARGARET E COOPER argue that instead of fearing insects and their ilk, … more

28 mins

STUART THORNE reports on the BEVA Gastroscopy Training Forum, where novice and experienced delegates took … more

11 mins

CLAIRE SCANTLEBURY discovers plenty of interesting developments in the world of equine colic, from clinical … more

22 mins

JONATHAN ELLIOTT examines phosphate balance regulation, its role in the progression of feline chronic kidney … more

46 mins

Of course, it may not be PC to run such a headline – and, of course, it … more

14 mins

A PROJECT has been launched in an attempt to protect the future of “one of … more

3 mins

ROBERT BRADLEY discusses the value of professional veterinary health care for today’s domestic pets, in … more

14 mins

THIS book, from the UK Register of Expert Witnesses, provides a clear and concise guide … more

6 mins

JONATHAN CRACKNELL explains how the similarity between human and elephant tuberculosis may mean trouble ahead … more

24 mins

SEAN WENSLEY reveals that the plight of crabs in Trinidad, and other invertebrates, provides plenty … more

21 mins

FRANCESCA RICCOMINI explains why it’s important to remain vigilant and look beyond the wound, condition … more

29 mins

JONATHAN CRACKNEL provides the oxygen of publicity to promote the effective use of rebreathing systems … more

29 mins

NIGEL DOUGHERTY gets to know two of the more senior inpatients from the hospital at … more

23 mins

JACK REECE finds that India’s economic growth is having an impact on increasingly diminishing rural … more

19 mins

IMAGINE sitting well back in a theatre, watching an actor light a cigarette. A few … more

16 mins

GREG CLARK describes how, despite the challenges, this certificate can be rewarding to all vet … more

11 mins

SUSAN HAYWOOD and DAVID BRITT conclude this two-part article, with Dr Britt introducing Dr Haywood’s … more

34 mins