March 2008

DAVID HARWOOD summarises the diverse discussions from the Goat Veterinary Society’s meeting, including euthanasia, disbudding … more

24 mins

PAUL ROGER examines diagnosis, prevention and treatment for the highly contagious skin disease in sheep … more

19 mins

Graham Duncanson reveals the signs that could mean orf is present in a flock and warns of its zoonotic potential.

20 mins

NATALIE WEBSTER discusses x-ray diagnosis of non-aggressive and aggressive bone lesions in small animals DECIDING … more

40 mins

Petra Agthe discusses methods to put an end to poor-quality radiographic technique and to avoid misdiagnosis.

28 mins

The one thing that is certain within our professional lives is that nothing stays the … more

13 mins

FRANK BUSCH outlines philosophical viewpoints relating to the ethical treatment of animals, from calls for … more

42 mins

FRANCES BARR explains why it is important to acknowledge excellence and pay tribute to our … more

5 mins

IN 1976, I completed my second period of research in the renal unit of an … more

15 mins

MARTIN ATKINSON explains how the case of a miniature dachshund with a partly prolapsed thoracolumbar … more

15 mins

GLEN COUSQUER discusses how enhancing the environment of exotic animals is vital to improving and … more

31 mins

February 2008

ROBIN FEARON discovers the unpredictability of wild animal capture, alongside UK students in South Africa … more

22 mins

MADELEINE FORSYTH reveals the trials and tribulations of being an expert witness in the courtroom … more

17 mins

THE third edition of this book provides an update upon the second edition and has … more

8 mins

CATHERINE F LE BARS discusses recommended guidelines for the control of MRSA infection within the … more

26 mins

DIANA DELMAR reveals the beliefs of Bernard Rollin, who says that not only do animals … more

14 mins

STEVE DEAN responds to opinions voiced by members of the profession about the VMD, veterinary … more

32 mins

ROGER EVANS discusses the financial and emotional impact of losing herd stock to the spread … more

15 mins

NIAMH COLLINS provides guidance on identifying and treating this disease, the cause of which remains … more

24 mins

NIGEL DOUGHERTY reveals that if you can deal with small animals, alpacas should not present … more

30 mins