June 2016

Keith Baxter discusses therapeutic and preventive options around this udder disease that affects dairy cattle and is particularly prevalent in warmer weather conditions.

15 mins

Sara Pedersen reviews a major conference, in Atlanta, Georgia, where the importance of what lies beneath the hoof was covered.

20 mins

Sara Pedersen considers how different types of clostridial disease attack these animals – resulting in a usually fatal outcome – and the utilisation of control strategies.

32 mins

Peter Edmondson reports on the 55th National Mastitis Council annual meeting, which involved lectures on effective communication and the future of antibiotic use.

21 mins

May 2016

Roger Evans describes how a clear demonstration of numbers is needed to make a big impact and why, after 400 years, lobbyists want to reintroduce beavers to the UK.

13 mins

Louise Silk explains the importance of raising awareness among sheep farmers of some conditions that may not be severe enough to present observable symptoms.

27 mins

Jim Willshire discusses minimising negative energy balance to avoid related problems in cows during the productive cycle by maximising a well-constructed feed ration.

14 mins

Roger Evans discusses use of antibiotics in dairy cow feed as well as the myths surrounding why it is considered the norm.

13 mins

April 2016

Sara Pedersen explores sources and treatment strategies of two diseases caused by protozoal parasites that have the potential to cause mortality in some farm animals.

30 mins

Shona Young looks at the clinical signs and treatment options for this skin disease, caused by the mite Psoroptes ovis.

16 mins

Roger Evans discusses a genetic index by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board Dairy in breeding cattle free of bTB.

12 mins

Ian Nanjiani focuses on available treatment options, with guidance on how to get the best out of them by targeting the correct life cycle stages at the right time of year.

20 mins

Sara Pedersen discusses spring-calving herds, and why it is vital not only the cows, but also the calves, get off to the right start.

22 mins

Juan Hernandez-Garcia and Alasdair MacLeod review common problems contributing to neonatal mortality, and provide some action points.

25 mins

Paul Wood says it's vital veterinarians put themselves in the heart of the vaccination conversation – and good communication is key.

23 mins

Peter Edmondson discusses why, with selective cow therapy becoming the norm, veterinary clinicians will need to develop strategies to communicate the benefits to farmers.

20 mins

March 2016

Sara Pedersen reviews the 10th staging of a conference to discuss lameness in ruminants in her latest Practice Notes column.

17 mins

Alex Donaldson reflects on the foot-and-mouth outbreaks that occurred in the UK between 2001 to 2011 and assesses the culling methods used to control them.

26 mins

James Dixon looks at ways lame cows can be treated and discusses the benefits of using a routine mobility score as part of a management programme.

18 mins

Peter Edmondson was enlightened by the way vets in Arizona work and how they are having to adapt on large-scale dairy farms holding thousands of cattle.

21 mins