August 2017

Margit Groenevelt looks at antibiotic resistance in dairy sheep and goats, in the UK and worldwide, including causes and control measures.

32 mins

#CALFMATTERS is a vaccination campaign from Merial Animal Health which encourages farmers to vaccinate their calves against calf pneumonia.

2 mins

July 2017

Tony Andrews discusses methods of defining and treating this condition by reporting on a selection of available studies.

48 mins

A look at the types and preventive steps regarding common diseases that affect normal metabolism of cows.

33 mins

Roger Evans recalls how alarm bells started ringing when he heard dogs were being taken to one of his fields by their owners.

20 mins

In the first of a two-part article, Nicola Gladden reviews solutions and options for dealing with postpartum problems in dairy cows.

25 mins

Poultry Health Services, Retford Poultry Partnership and the poultry and game bird services of Minster Vets officially join forces, creating a major poultry veterinary and support service.

2 mins

June 2017

The Bull Breeding Soundness Examination course from the BCVA includes demonstrations of examination and semen collection techniques using electro-ejaculation on bulls in farm settings.

3 mins

Roger Evans discusses a significant day for his farm.

13 mins

John Dawson discusses the inception and evolution of a five-step foot trimming method.

19 mins

Jennifer Marsh discusses sheep digestion, methods of improving field pastures for optimum nutrition, and grazing strategies.

28 mins

May 2017

Hany Elsheikha discusses the clinical impact of this parasite, as well as approaches for treating and preventing infestation, regarding canine and feline patients.

27 mins

Peter Edmondson offers practical guidance on how to tackle this challenge in cattle.

19 mins

John Dawson, in the second part of his article, describes three steps to processing and maintaining the quality of oocytes.

24 mins

David Harwood reveals findings from an unused audit summary on cases of cattle culled in England and Wales from 1999 to 2003.

16 mins

Roger Evans on the latest in his farm's battle against TB.

13 mins

Owen Atkinson reviews various methods of maintaining dairy cow herd health during this process after milking.

25 mins

A David Weaver looks back through the cattle association’s inception and membership growth in light of its golden year.

13 mins

April 2017

Scientists in the US have developed a new type of single-use "artificial womb" that allows premature lambs to develop for up to four weeks.

3 mins

CPD provider Improve International has extended its range of one-day courses aimed at practitioners dealing with species other than companion animals, such as goats, alpacas and game birds.

2 mins