November 2014

Snakes are a diverse group of reptiles comprising more than 3,000 species and found throughout … more

28 mins

May 2013

Kevin Eatwell suggests medical options for treating otitis before advising on optimum surgical techniques, precautions and prognosis for rabbit patients.

33 mins

April 2013

Kevin Eatwell, in the first of a two-part article, looks at approaches to the clinical history and diagnosis of all forms of otitis presented in rabbits.

36 mins

December 2012

Vicki Baldrey and Ian Ashpole conclude their article on the blood profiles of exotics, by advising on interpreting the results of blood samples taken from small mammals.

27 mins

June 2009

Jenny Towers examines causes of skin disorders presenting in guinea pigs, such as self-chewed fur, and how treatment methods can include aromatherapy.

20 mins

May 2008

If the statistics are correct and rabbits are the next big thing, why do I dread … more

12 mins