May 2016

Sarah Pellett reports on a joint event that included expert speakers on invertebrate care as well as a first-aid workshop.

14 mins

April 2016

Elisabetta Mancinelli looks at issues surrounding the recognition, assessment and management of pain in selected companion animals, in the latest "Exotic Encounters" column.

18 mins

Richard Jones discusses an avian case of a potentially debilitating foot condition and how its cause was found with x-ray.

15 mins

Roy Earle discusses signs, aetiology and treatment – as well as the importance of owner understanding – concerning consults in which parrots display feather plucking.

31 mins

Chris Sturdy and Suzanne Rogers discuss the objective of their new association to improve the conditions fish are kept in for research, production, conservation and entertainment.

13 mins

March 2016

Elisabetta Mancinelli discusses the importance of the modality in select species, including rats, bearded dragons, rabbits and chinchillas in her latest Exotic Encounters column.

16 mins

Marie Kubiak looks at causes, signs that present themselves during early diagnosis and how neurological disease affects different species of birds.

25 mins

February 2016

Elisabetta Mancinelli looks at reproductive tract disease in exotic species in the latest of her Exotic Encounters series.

18 mins

Rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD) is a universally recognised cause of sudden death in rabbits and … more

26 mins

Vitamin D is a circulating hormone important to homeostasis and normal physiology, including bone development, … more

17 mins

December 2015

Parrots are now very popular pets. They are beautiful, intelligent animals and they fascinate people. … more

8 mins

November 2015

As testament to their adaptability and endearing nature, rabbits have successfully made the transition from … more

23 mins

Shell injury is one of the most common reasons for a tortoise to be presented … more

36 mins

October 2015

Many of the same principles apply regardless of species when it comes to a sick … more

38 mins

Improvements over the past 20 years in how we provide medical and surgical care for … more

30 mins

Avian skin essentially consists of the same structures as mammalian skin, namely epidermis and dermis. … more

14 mins

September 2015

ABSTRACT Shell injuries are relatively common in tortoises and terrapins. This can be intimidating to … more

24 mins

In human medicine, it has been clearly demonstrated how important certain foods are for people’s … more

26 mins

They may be smaller in size than the more traditional pet dogs and cats; however, … more

22 mins

August 2015

Feather plucking, feather picking or feather destructive behaviour (FDB) is one of the most common, … more

19 mins