September 2016

Elisabetta Mancinelli looks at the causes, preventive measures and methods of treatment for urinary stones found in this species.

20 mins

August 2016

Elisabetta Mancinelli provides advice on more unusual creatures in her latest Exotic Encounters.

24 mins

Vetacademy has added a course on aquatic medicine for vets, vet technicians and aquarists working in the aquarium and aquaculture fields who wish to fast-track their knowledge and skills.

3 mins

July 2016

Elisabetta Mancinelli chooses an ophthalmology topic for her latest Exotics Encounters article.

18 mins

Mónica Guerrero-Méndez discusses safe steps for ensuring a safe hibernation for tortoises, including the best advice to provide owners before starting and medical problems that can occur.

28 mins

Marie Kubiak outlines how many treatment principles for cats and dogs apply to this species and the importance of gentle handling if presented with one in practice.

28 mins

June 2016

Elisabetta Mancinelli discusses rabbit nutrition, a crucial area for the animal, but one many owners are neglecting to get right, in the latest of Exotic Encounters column.

21 mins

Fiona Froehlich and Neil Forbes give advice on various hazards bird owners should be aware of when looking after their pets at home.

20 mins

Shivananden Sawmy analyses a case of an adult male lionhead leporid presenting with suspected lead poisoning in terms of pathogenesis, signs, diagnosis and treatment options.

34 mins

May 2016

Elisabetta Mancinelli shares highlights of lectures, clinical abstracts and nursing streams targeted at exotic animal medicine.

27 mins

Brigitte Lord discusses setting up a freshwater aquarium and the common mistakes made by owners, such as the quality of water used and overstocking issues.

23 mins

Elisabetta Mancinelli looks at the anatomical and physiological peculiarities of domestic rabbits, compared to more traditional species, and why they need to be known to ensure they are dealt with safely and more efficaciously.

22 mins

Lesa Thompson discusses the ways rabbit health can be assessed at home and in the veterinary surgery as a means to prevent diseases and improve overall demeanour

15 mins

Sarah Pellett reports on a joint event that included expert speakers on invertebrate care as well as a first-aid workshop.

14 mins

April 2016

Elisabetta Mancinelli looks at issues surrounding the recognition, assessment and management of pain in selected companion animals, in the latest "Exotic Encounters" column.

18 mins

Richard Jones discusses an avian case of a potentially debilitating foot condition and how its cause was found with x-ray.

15 mins

Roy Earle discusses signs, aetiology and treatment – as well as the importance of owner understanding – concerning consults in which parrots display feather plucking.

31 mins

Chris Sturdy and Suzanne Rogers discuss the objective of their new association to improve the conditions fish are kept in for research, production, conservation and entertainment.

13 mins

March 2016

Elisabetta Mancinelli discusses the importance of the modality in select species, including rats, bearded dragons, rabbits and chinchillas in her latest Exotic Encounters column.

16 mins

Marie Kubiak looks at causes, signs that present themselves during early diagnosis and how neurological disease affects different species of birds.

25 mins