December 2015

Parrots are now very popular pets. They are beautiful, intelligent animals and they fascinate people. … more

8 mins

November 2015

As testament to their adaptability and endearing nature, rabbits have successfully made the transition from … more

23 mins

Shell injury is one of the most common reasons for a tortoise to be presented … more

36 mins

October 2015

Many of the same principles apply regardless of species when it comes to a sick … more

38 mins

Improvements over the past 20 years in how we provide medical and surgical care for … more

30 mins

Avian skin essentially consists of the same structures as mammalian skin, namely epidermis and dermis. … more

14 mins

September 2015

ABSTRACT Shell injuries are relatively common in tortoises and terrapins. This can be intimidating to … more

24 mins

In human medicine, it has been clearly demonstrated how important certain foods are for people’s … more

26 mins

They may be smaller in size than the more traditional pet dogs and cats; however, … more

22 mins

August 2015

Feather plucking, feather picking or feather destructive behaviour (FDB) is one of the most common, … more

19 mins

How long has it been in your career as a vet since you have been … more

25 mins

In the first of this two-part article (VT45.31), the life cycle of encephalitozoonosis was discussed, … more

25 mins

Seahorses are incredible fish. Their family (Syngnathidae) are unique among vertebrates in that the males … more

27 mins

Encephalitozoonosis is a significant disease of domestic rabbits, with its seroprevalence internationally recognised. Encephalitozoon cuniculi … more

31 mins

July 2015

The past decade has seen an exponential increase in the number of rodents kept as … more

27 mins

A free symposium on the health, welfare and pathology of reptiles and amphibians was organised under … more

12 mins

The trachea extends from the base of the tongue to the primary bronchi, just within … more

21 mins

May 2015

A one-year-old, neutered male chinchilla (Chinchilla lanigera), weighing 555g, was presented with a six to … more

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April 2015

ABSTRACT The past decade has seen a rapid growth in popularity of small mammals kept … more

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February 2015

Pododermatitis, often called “sore hocks”, is a chronic, granulomatous, ulcerative dermatitis, which most commonly affects … more

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