September 2017

Sonya Miles reports the case and treatment method of a rabbit that presented with symptoms of this condition.

18 mins

August 2017

Glen Cousquer and Kenneth Boyd continue their series on the ethics surrounding wildlife and exotic animal medicine and welfare.

43 mins

Elisabetta Mancinelli discusses an alternative, non-invasive technique for sedating several species – including rabbits, pigeons and tortoises.

30 mins

July 2017

Elisabetta Mancinelli reports on species that have been increasingly studied in the past decade.

26 mins

Sonya Miles describes the case of an adult Syrian hamster that presented with anorexia, alopecia and extreme skin scaling.

12 mins

June 2017

Sonya Miles describes the case of a panther chameleon that presented with these symptoms, along with grip weakness.

14 mins

Sonya Miles reports on the case where a frog was diagnosed and treated for this condition, involving surgical removal.

14 mins

Elisabetta Mancinelli discusses an animal frequently presented to rescue centres and private clinics for rehabilitation or treatment.

20 mins

May 2017

Great Western Exotics has promoted specialist Tom Dutton to lead the service after the retirement of its long-serving head Neil Forbes.

4 mins

Bev Panto looks at how future vets are learning to handle and treat, with confidence, these pets rising in popularity.

18 mins

Elisabetta Mancinelli looks at diagnostic testing in a commonly kept species in the latest Exotic Encounters spot.

24 mins

April 2017

Lorraine Peschard details the causes and treatment options for vestibular syndrome.

5 mins

CPD provider Improve International has extended its range of one-day courses aimed at practitioners dealing with species other than companion animals, such as goats, alpacas and game birds.

2 mins

March 2017

Elisabetta Mancinelli discusses best practices for ensuring the right water intake for rabbits and rodents.

26 mins

Carl Regan, Lisa Yon and Hany Elsheikha report results of a study of parasitic and bacterial infections from several species kept in captivity in the UK and India.

36 mins

Glen Cousquer and Kenneth Boyd introduce the concept of how vets can ethically approach wildlife cases, in the first of a five-part article.

15 mins

February 2017

Elisabetta Mancinelli discusses ocular disease in rabbits and rodents, and how the increasing number of research investigations is improving the standards of care.

13 mins

January 2017

Elisabetta Mancinelli on the latest research and studies about Europe's third most popular mammalian pet.

21 mins

December 2016

Elisabetta Mancinelli examines how to manage this species by assessing its natural behaviour and interaction with other animals.

27 mins

Elisabetta Mancinelli takes a closer look at this condition and how it can be diagnosed, as well as suggesting various treatments.

14 mins